D-C Early Childhood Screening

Watch this informative short video giving an quick overview of what Early Childhood Screening is here.

The purpose of Early Childhood Screening is to assist parents and communities in improving the educational readiness and health of young children through the early detection of factors that may impede children's learning, growth, and development. Screening is ideally performed as close to age 3 as possible, but is mandated by the State of MN to be completed before entering kindergarten. Early screening can detect possible health or learning concerns to enable a child to get help BEFORE they start kindergarten. DON'T WAIT, earlier screening is better! 

Screening takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and a parent or legal guardian stays with the child during the screening process. For your convenience, childcare for siblings is provided if you are unable to make other arrangements.

During screening a well-qualified staff of nurses and licensed early childhood teachers will "play games" to check:
Thinking, Language, and Communication Skills
Social and Emotional Development
Large and Small Muscles
Vision & Hearing
Height and Weight
Early childhood developmental screening includes a vision screening that helps detect potential eye problems but is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. 
At the conclusion of the screening, the parent/legal guardian will be given a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns they may have about their child’s development or circumstances that could affect their child’s learning. Information regarding early childhood programs and other resources will be available.

A parent or legal guardian should accompany your child to the screening. If you must send a relative or childcare provider in your place, please let us know when you request an appointment as special arrangements will need to be made to obtain your permission and signature on required documents.

Call the Early Childhood Center office, 286-4120, with questions or to schedule an appointment!

Every effort is made to contact all families with young children ages 3+ in need of screening. Please call 320-286-4120 if you have a child within these ages and have not received a letter or postcard.

Screening Dates for the 2018-2019 School Year:

Tuesday, October 2
Friday, November 9
Thursday, January 10
Friday, February 22
If you have any developmental concerns about your child that you would like to discuss prior to the next screening, please call 286-4120.

Conscientious Objector

A parent may choose to have their child not participate in this screening. They must provide the Dassel-Cokato Early Childhood Screening with a signed, dated statement that they are conscientious objector to the Early Childhood Screening and do not want their child to participate in the screening. This statement will become a part of the child's permanent school record.